February 20, 2021

🗒️ A POC for taking Roam notes on audio

My podcast player used to include the current position with the export from the share feature. When it was removed, for whatever reason, it kind of ruined my note process. I like to take quick notes with the position so I can revise by listening back whenever I get around to it. Now I have to include the position manually when I export to Roam's quick capture screen. It's an annoying context switch.

This problem got me thinking about taking notes on audio in general . There isn't a good solution for the niche of second brain users. I want Roam and Notion integrated directly in the player for seamless note taking without context switching. I actually have the skills needed to build this, so I made a Proof of Concept over a weekend.

The next step is getting a mobile app in the play and app store.
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Version 1.0

  • ⏯️ Basic management and playing podcast feeds
  • 🗒️ Take a text note on an episode tied to a position
  • 🧠 Roam page auto-complete in note editor
  • 📤 Notes can export individually and get marked when they do

Long term

  • Audiobooks
  • Other app integration -- notion
  • Profiles and cloud backups
  • Synced web app
  • Block level syncing with roam


  • I've got playback, note taking, and auto-complete working. I also know how to go about integrating page titles. More on that further down.

How v-1.0 will get your Roam page titles

This unofficial api project paired with AWS Lambda can actually create a secure and simple process for a mobile app to get access to your graph's page titles.


Source code

If you are into it, here is 99% of the POC source code. Fun fact, it's written in Clojurescript, the same language Roam is written in!

(ns app.index
   ["expo" :as ex]
   ["expo-constants" :as expo-constants]
   ["expo-av" :as av]
   ["react-native" :as rn]
   ["react" :as react]
   ["@react-navigation/native" :as nav]
   ["@react-navigation/stack" :as rn-stack]
   ["react-native-paper" :as paper]
   ["react-native-rss-parser" :as rss]
   ["react-native-controlled-mentions" :as cm]
   ["tailwind-rn" :default tailwind-rn]

   [applied-science.js-interop :as j]
   [camel-snake-kebab.core :as csk]
   [camel-snake-kebab.extras :as cske]
   [cljs.core.async :refer [go]]
   [cljs.core.async.interop :refer [<p!]]
   [reagent.core :as r]
   [re-frame.core :refer [subscribe dispatch dispatch-sync]]
   [shadow.expo :as expo]
   [lambdaisland.fetch :as fetch]

   [app.helpers :refer [<sub >evt]]))

(defn tw [style-str] (-> style-str
                         (js->clj :keywordize-keys true)))

(def value (r/atom ""))

(def pages ["podcast" "indie-hackers" "Courtland Allen" "marketing" "npm" "project/din"])

(defonce podcast-atom (r/atom nil))

(defonce progress-atom (r/atom
                         {:width    "0%"
                          :duration nil
                          :position nil}))

(defonce playing-atom (r/atom :stopped))

(defonce playback-atom (r/atom nil))

(defonce notes-atom (r/atom {:notes    []
                             :selected nil}))

(defn pad [n] (if (-> n str count (< 2))
                (str "0" n)
                (str n)))

(defn millis->str [millis]
  ;; TODO add padding
  ;; https://stackoverflow.com/a/9763769/5040125
  (let [ms   (rem millis 1000)
        left (-> millis (- ms) (/ 1000))
        sec  (-> left (rem 60))
        left (-> left (- sec) (/ 60))
        min  (-> left (rem 60))
        hr   (-> left (- min) (/ 60))]
    (str (pad hr) ":" (pad min) ":" (pad sec))))

(defn page-suggestions [e]
  (let [on-suggest  (-> e (j/get :onSuggestionPress))
        maybe-page  (-> e (j/get :keyword))
        suggestions (when (-> maybe-page count (> 0))
                      (->> pages
                           (filter #(re-find (re-pattern (str "(?i)" maybe-page)) %))))]
    (when (some? maybe-page)
        [(fn []
           [:> rn/View
            (for [title suggestions]
              [:> paper/List.Item
               {:key      (str (random-uuid))
                :title    title
                :on-press #(on-suggest #js {:id (str (random-uuid)) :name title})}])])]))))

(defn get-notes []
  (let [notes @notes-atom]
    {:notes          (-> notes :notes)
     :selected-index (-> notes :selected)
     :selected-note  (-> (-> notes :notes)
                         (get (-> notes :selected) nil))} ))

(defn my-text-input []
  (let [{:keys [selected-index selected-note]} (get-notes)]
    [:> cm/MentionInput
     {:style                  (tw "text-gray-50")
      :text-align             "left"
      :text-align-vertical    "top"
      :multi-line             true
      :number-of-lines        10
      :placeholder            "Make note here"
      :placeholder-text-color (:color (tw "text-gray-500"))
      :value                  (:text selected-note)
      :on-change              #(swap! notes-atom assoc-in [:notes selected-index :text] %)

      [{:trigger                   "#"
        :getPlainString            #(-> % (j/get :name) ((fn [s] (str "[[" s "]]"))))
        :isInsertSpaceAfterMention true
        :textStyle                 (tw "text-blue-400")
        :renderSuggestions         page-suggestions}]}]))

(defn on-status-change [status]
  (j/let [^:js {:keys [isLoaded isPlaying positionMillis durationMillis]} status]
    (if isLoaded
      (reset! playing-atom (if isPlaying :playing :stopped))
      (reset! playing-atom :loading))

    (reset! progress-atom {:width    (-> positionMillis
                                         (/ durationMillis)
                                         (* 100)
                                         (str "%"))
                           :position positionMillis
                           :duration durationMillis})))

(defn on-initial-play [episode-uri]
  (go (-> av
          (j/get :Audio)
          (j/get :Sound)
          (j/call :createAsync
                  #js {:uri episode-uri}
                  #js {:shouldPlay true}
          ((fn [x] (reset! playback-atom (j/get x :sound)))))))

(defn on-add-note []
  (when-some [position (-> @progress-atom :position)]
    (swap! notes-atom
              (-> %
                  (assoc :selected (-> % :notes count)) ;; new note isn't added yet "off by one"
                  (update-in [:notes] conj
                             {:position position
                              :left     (-> position
                                            (/ (-> @progress-atom :duration))
                                            (* 100)
                                            (str "%"))
                              :text     ""}))))))

(defn on-forward-30 []
  (when-some [playback @playback-atom]
    (let [{:keys [position duration]} @progress-atom]
      (-> playback (j/call :setPositionAsync
                           (-> position (+ 30000)
                               (min (-> duration (- 30000)))))))))

(defn on-backward-30 []
  (when-some [playback @playback-atom]
    (let [{:keys [position]} @progress-atom]
      (-> playback (j/call :setPositionAsync
                           (-> position (- 30000)
                               (max 30000)))))))

(defn on-next-note []
  (swap! notes-atom
         (fn [na-val]
           (let [max       (count (:notes na-val))
                 new-index (min (inc (:selected na-val))
             (assoc-in na-val [:selected] new-index)))))

(defn on-prev-note []
  (swap! notes-atom
         (fn [na-val]
           (let [new-index (max (dec (:selected na-val))
             (assoc-in na-val [:selected] new-index)))))

(defn on-share []
  (let [{:keys [selected-note]} (get-notes)
        position                (:position selected-note)
        position-str            (-> position millis->str)
        text                    (-> selected-note
                                      (fn [mt] (str "[[" (j/get mt :name) "]]"))))
        podcast                 @podcast-atom
        title                   (-> podcast (j/get :title))
        episode                 (-> podcast (j/get :items) first)
        episode-title           (-> episode (j/get :title))]
    (-> rn/Share
        (j/call :share #js {:message (str "Note from " title " \n "
                                          "episode: " episode-title " \n "
                                          "position: " position-str " \n "
                                          text " \n "
                                          "https://cool-podcast-notes.io/" (random-uuid) "/p=" position)}))))

(defn screen1 [props]
    [(fn []
       (let [podcast                 @podcast-atom
             playing                 @playing-atom
             progress                @progress-atom
             progress-width          (:width progress)
             position-str            (-> progress :position millis->str)
             duration-str            (-> progress :duration millis->str)
             image-uri               (-> podcast (j/get :image) (j/get :url))
             title                   (-> podcast (j/get :title))
             episode                 (-> podcast (j/get :items) first)
             episode-title           (-> episode (j/get :title))
             episode-uri             (-> episode (j/get :enclosures) first (j/get :url))
             on-initial-play         #(on-initial-play episode-uri)
             playback                @playback-atom
             on-play                 #(-> playback (j/call :playAsync))
             on-pause                #(-> playback (j/call :pauseAsync))
             {:keys [notes
                     selected-note]} (get-notes)]

         [:> rn/SafeAreaView {:style (tw "flex flex-1")}
          [:> rn/StatusBar {:visibility "hidden"}]
          [:> paper/Surface {:style (tw "flex flex-1 bg-gray-900")}
           [:> rn/View {:style (tw "flex flex-1 justify-start")}
            ;; podcast info
            [:> rn/View {:style (tw "flex flex-row flex-nowrap p-2")}
             ;; image
             [:> paper/Card.Cover {:source {:uri image-uri}
                                   :style  (tw "h-28 w-28")}]

             ;; title
             [:> rn/View {:style (tw "flex flex-col ml-2 mr-32")}
              [:> paper/Title title]
              [:> paper/Text episode-title]]]

            ;; progress bar and notes
            [:> rn/View {:style (tw "mt-2 px-2 h-80")}
             [:> rn/View {:style (tw "h-full w-full")}
              ;; progress bar
              [:> rn/View {:style (tw "absolute left-0 w-full h-4 bg-purple-400 opacity-50 rounded") }]
              [:> rn/View {:style (merge {:width progress-width} (tw "absolute left-0 h-4 bg-purple-400 rounded-l"))}]
              [:> rn/View {:style (tw "absolute right-0 top-4")} [:> paper/Text {:style (tw "text-gray-400")} duration-str]]
              [:> rn/View {:style (tw "absolute left-0 top-4")} [:> paper/Text {:style (tw "text-gray-400")} position-str]]

              ;; notes
              (for [{:keys [left]} notes]
                [:> rn/View {:key   (random-uuid)
                             :style (merge {:left left} (tw "absolute w-1 h-4 bg-gray-200 "))}])

              ;; selected note
              (when-some [{:keys [left]} selected-note]
                [:> rn/View {:style (merge {:left left} (tw "absolute -top-1 w-1 h-12 bg-yellow-400 rounded-t"))}])

              (when (some? selected-note)
                [:> rn/View {:style (tw "absolute left-0 top-11 w-full h-64 bg-gray-700 border-4 border-yellow-400 rounded")}
                 [:> rn/View {:style (tw "p-4")}

              (when (some? selected-note)
                [:> rn/View {:style (tw "absolute right-2 bottom-6")}
                 [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "share" :on-press on-share :size 24}]])]]

            ;; controlls
            [:> rn/View {:style (tw "flex flex-row justify-between items-center px-4 h-32")}
             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "arrow-left" :on-press on-prev-note}]
             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "rewind" :disabled true}]
             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "rewind-30" :on-press on-backward-30}]

             (case playing
               :stopped [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "play" :size 42 :on-press (if (some? playback) on-play on-initial-play)}]
               :playing [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "pause" :size 42 :on-press on-pause}]
               :loading [:> paper/ActivityIndicator {:animating true :size 42}])

             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "fast-forward-30" :on-press on-forward-30}]
             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "fast-forward" :disabled true}]
             [:> paper/IconButton {:icon "arrow-right" :on-press on-next-note}]]

            ;; add note
            [:> rn/View {:style (tw "flex flex-row justify-end mt-4 p-2")}
             [:> paper/Button {:mode "contained" :icon "note" :on-press on-add-note} "Add note"]]]]]))]))

(def stack (rn-stack/createStackNavigator))

(defn navigator [] (-> stack (j/get :Navigator)))

(defn screen [props] [:> (-> stack (j/get :Screen)) props])

(defn root []
  (let [theme           (<sub [:theme])
        !route-name-ref (clojure.core/atom {})
        !navigation-ref (clojure.core/atom {})]

    [:> paper/Provider
     {:theme (case theme
               :light paper/DefaultTheme
               :dark  paper/DarkTheme

     [:> nav/NavigationContainer
      {:ref             (fn [el] (reset! !navigation-ref el))
       :on-ready        (fn []
                          (swap! !route-name-ref merge {:current (-> @!navigation-ref
                                                                     (j/call :getCurrentRoute)
                                                                     (j/get :name))}))
       :on-state-change (fn []
                          (let [prev-route-name    (-> @!route-name-ref :current)
                                current-route-name (-> @!navigation-ref
                                                       (j/call :getCurrentRoute)
                                                       (j/get :name))]
                            (when (not= prev-route-name current-route-name)
                              ;; This is where you can do side effecty things like analytics
                              (>evt [:some-fx-example (str "New screen encountered " current-route-name)]))
                            (swap! !route-name-ref merge {:current current-route-name})))}

      [:> (navigator) {:header-mode "none"}
       (screen {:name      "Screen1"
                :component (paper/withTheme screen1)})]]]))

(defn start
  {:dev/after-load true}
  (go (-> "https://feeds.transistor.fm/the-indie-hackers-podcast"
          (fetch/get {:mode "no-cors"})
          (->> (j/call rss :parse))
          (->> (reset! podcast-atom))))
  (expo/render-root (r/as-element [root])))

(defn init []
  (dispatch-sync [:initialize-db])
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